FALL IS HERE! (You may hate me after you read this.)

September 22, 2017


Yes, it’s true...fall is here!  And it’s quite hard to believe that “just like that” the year 2017 is three-quarters of the way over with Christmas and snow knocking on our back door.  Yes, I did just say the “C” word and the “S” word.  My apologies to those who aren’t ready to face these facts.  Please don’t hate me, but I have a very good reason for bringing this up. 


Now that we’re entering the colder seasons, it’s time to think about protecting the one investment that may be the single largest investment of your life; your home.  One foundational key to protecting that investment is your roof.  After all, it does cover everything inside, not just the structural parts such as walls and trusses.  The roof is designed to keep out the <ahem> moist weather elements (notice I didn’t say the “S” word this time? You’re welcome!).


With that in mind, this would be the best time to get a roof inspection.  Why, you ask?  Because an inspection can find things that may not be visible from the ground.  Some things that Roofer Dude® looks for are blown off shingles, popped nail heads, rotten vent boots, and signs of extreme wear.  We will tell you if your roof can make it through another cold, wet season and, if not, what you can do to prepare.


What if my roof needs replaced?  Won’t it be too cold to do anything about it?  The answer is NO. You absolutely can have a roof replaced in cold weather.   Your roof will still get warm under the rays of the sun and allow the shingles to seal. 


What if my roof only needs to be repaired?  At the time of inspection, Roofer Dude® will show you pictures of potential problem areas so you can see it for yourself.  Then we’ll explain what it will take to be corrected and give you a price for the repairs. 


Look, nobody wants to be surprised with a leaky roof after a major rain or snowstorm (sorry… had to say it); especially after snow since it tends to just lay up there until it gets fully melted away.  Get the peace of mind you need and deserve and have a roof inspection done now.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! (According to Benjamin Franklin, anyway.)  


Fall Special: Get a roof inspection for $35 (regularly $50).

In the event a replacement or repairs are needed, the inspection fee will go towards your balance due. Some restrictions may apply. Offer expires 10/20/2017.


Pictured above is the home of an actual Roofer Dude® client.



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